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Chocolate-Shaming Now a Thing


by Elise Merimose

It appears that chocolate-shaming—shaming chocolate lovers for their love of chocolate—is now a thing. And you better get used to it, cos it’s here, and it’s ugly. Last week at an important midtown fashion show, model Rhada Porvacjek was ambushed and attacked while snacking on chocolate M&Ms post-runway. The statuesque beauty was assaulted by a roving pack of chocolate shamers and doused head to toe with a Gatorade-cooler full of Hershey’s syrup. “Feel good?” one of the assailants sarcastically asked as she ran away.

The next day actress Jennifer Lawrence took to social media to shame the shamers:


Lawrence’s post was retweeted over 532,000 times.

But that was just one of the higher profile instances. Sadly, chocolate shaming has become ubiquitous throughout social media, particularly Facebook:

fb post2
The shaming has become so prevalent that it’s reached the desk of no less than Taylor Swift. In response, the pop princess dropped by the home of the woman who baked the controversial cake, brought along celebrity baker Duff Goldman, and gave an impromptu concert in which she changed the lyrics to one of her most popular tunes and serenaded neighbors and kinfolk with the song “Cake It Off.”