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You’ve Been Eating Chocolate Wrong Your Whole Life


by Marisa Raney

If you’re like most people, the way you’ve enjoyed chocolate is the common experience of gently shoving it (whether it be in bar, stick, or puck form) up your nostrils, then agonizingly waiting for it to make its way through the nasal cavity, until it finally drops down into the trachea. But what if we told you that there is a far easier way to enjoy your decadent delights? And what if we told you it was recently discovered by a Cambodian minister? First, resist the natural urge to shove the chocolate up your nose. Next, slowly lower the chocolate until it’s even with your mouth. If the chocolate grazes your chin you’ve gone too far. With the chocolate level with your lips, stick it in your mouth and chew it with your teeth in an up-and-down fashion. When finished, swallow—it’s as simple as that!
So next time you’re at a party or an out-of-control baptism and someone offers you chocolate, impress them with your new knowledge. We trust you’ll never eat chocolate the same way again.